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          through restorative measures
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It is an exciting time to be a part of CERA! As we celebrate our tenth year of service, we are beginning to see restorative justice become a growing value in the communities we serve. Real people in real communities are finding new levels of restoration and healing as they work through the harms experienced by incidents of crime. Those who have caused harm are given the opportunity to take responsibility and repair the harm, and those who have been harmed are empowered and included in the process of deciding how harm should be addressed.

You can join CERA in the restorative justice movement by becoming a member. Your support will directly advance the work of restorative action in our communities, by demonstrating that there is often a better way (restorative vs. punitive) to facilitate justice in places of harm. In addition, as a member you can take advantage of these great opportunities:

  • Keep up to date on our latest actions in our communities.

    • CERA is frequently highlighted in our local media. Give us your email address when you join to receive a link to our press releases, news stories and other media interviews as soon as they are available.

  • Vote with the General Membership and help choose our Board of Directors.

    • You will have direct voice in ensuring that CERA's board leads the organization with integrity and accountability. As a member, you can participate in voting on organizational issues and selecting board members, or you can run for a board position your self! Your input can help shape CERA's vision and achievement of its strategic plan.

  • Receive exclusive membership updates.

    • You will receive regular (quarterly) updates from CERA highlighting our current successes, opportunities, challenges and upcoming events.

  • Volunteer, intern or donate

    • As a member, you will have a direct line to our staff/leadership to talk about additional ways of contributing to CERA's work. If you are interested in volunteering or supporting the work of restorative action, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you. Please visit our volunteer page or donations page for more information, or you may email us at info@cerasociety.org. Your input is important to us.
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