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          through restorative measures
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CERA operates through the volunteer efforts of scores of community members who recognize the value of a restorative alternative in their community.

At CERA, we highly value the role and participation of our volunteers. CERA volunteers serve in a variety of capacities: conference facilitation, office administration, research, writing, event planning, Board of Directors, public speaking, website management, teaching restorative principles to school aged students, etc.

CERA volunteers as foundational to the success and expansion of Restorative Justice programs in the communities we serve. We desire to invest in community members who are committed furthering the principles and practice of restorative justice. If you are interested in volunteering, we would love to speak with you about your goals and how we may benefit each other. We would love to hear from you!

volunteer roles

1. Restorative Justice Conference Facilitators
The Community Youth Justice Program is run almost exclusively through the efforts of volunteers. CERA regularly recruits volunteers to work as conference facilitators for this program. Conference Facilitators work directly with individuals in conflict, and help individuals come to a workable and consensual resolution through the facilitation of a restorative conference. Duties of Conference Facilitators include assessing the suitability of participants, preparing them to participate, organizing and facilitating the restorative justice conference, drafting and monitoring the resolution agreement, and evaluating and reporting on each assigned case.

2. General Volunteer
CERA welcomes inquiries from community members who would like to volunteer their skills and expertise in office assistance, website management, writing/publication, public speaking, event planning and coordination, research etc. Commitment is flexible according to volunteer needs and schedules. If you are interested in volunteering in a general capacity, please contact CERA at 604.931.3165 or info@cerasociety.org to discuss possibilities.

3. Board Members
Board Members make decisions and participate on active committees for responsible society management. CERA is pursuing a strategic growth plan to enhance community services offering Board Members a productive, rewarding experience.

CERA seeks individuals with the interest, availability and desire to utilize their professional and/or personal skills to assist CERA make a difference in our communities. For more information on serving on the Board of Directors, please contact Linda Western, Chair, Board of Directors chair@cerasociety.org.

4. Student Intern
CERA accepts full time or part time unpaid interns year round. Some potential opportunities for interns include grant writing, research, outreach, fundraising, event planning and coordination, program development, public speaking, etc. In the past, our interns have primarily been students who have completed work at CERA as a part of a course, or to further research interests. We are happy to discuss your personal goals, needs and interests in order to create a plan that provides you with a fulfilling learning experience. If you are interested in applying as an intern, please contact CERA at 604.931.3165 or info@cerasociety.org.