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board of directors

Stacey Robinsmith Stacey Robinsmith
Stacey Robinsmith, a long-time advocate for social justice lives in Coquitlam with his wife and their twin daughters. He works as a teacher in the New Westminster school district as well as mentoring teacher- learners at Simon Fraser University. When not in a school setting, Stacey can be found walking in Coquitlam's Mundy Park with his kids and Lucy, the family dog.

C.J. (Greta) Airhart C.J. (Greta) Airhart
Greta Airhart is a practicing lawyer providing service in the Tri-Cities area and a proud resident of Coquitlam. As a member of the BC Law Society and the Canadian Bar Association's family and children's law sections and through her practice, Ms. Airhart commits her every day to helping children grow into better lives by supporting and guiding families through legal conflict. Ms. Airhart commits to CERA's purpose to bringing restorative justice into the community with her goal to aid youth in trouble by facilitating opportunity for redirection to live into their own unique and inherently good lives.

Peter Boyle Peter Boyle CA
After 12 years as an RCAF aircrew officer on all-weather fighters, became a Chartered Accountant in 1971. Spent more than 25 years at the CFO level with five School Districts and one University. Consulted for many School Districts, Colleges and both Ministries of Education in BC. 35 years of continuous volunteer service as member, director, chair, treasurer and president of many organisations.

Lorne Zapotichny Lorne Zapotichny
Lorne Zapotichny is the retired Chief Constable of New Westminster Police Department. Prior to joining the New Westminster Police Service, Lorne completed 30 years of service with the R.C.M.P. At the time of his retirement from the RCMP, Lorne was the Officer In Charge of the 160 member Coquitlam/Port Coquitlam Detachment where he demonstrated a strong commitment to community policing. With the assistance of many people, numerous new policing initiatives and strategies were implemented. Lorne has been a supporter of the CERA Society since the organization's inception. Lorne holds a B.A. from Notre Dame University of Nelson and a LLB (Bachelor of Laws) from the University of Victoria.

Sunny Sidhu Sunny Sidhu
Sunny Sidhu has extensive experience in business operations. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with a focus in Criminology from Simon Fraser University and an Advanced Specialty Certificate in Forensic Science from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. In addition, she has completed the RCMP Auxiliary Constable and New Westminster Police Victim Services training programs. Sunny has worked and volunteered in both business and criminal justice related positions throughout most of her career, holding positions of management and leadership. If Sunny, is not working or volunteering she can be found thinking, planning, or enjoying her next travel adventure.